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For a Personal Spiritual Retreat that Comes to You Right Where You Are

Are you needing time to rest and renew? A time to get away and experience the presence of God?

What if you could have a soul-filling, life-giving retreat? What if you could do that right where you are?

That is just the kind of experience that Velvet Ashes has for you.

The Velvet Ashes Retreat is the highlight of the year for this community. More than a thousand women around the world make it a priority to set aside this time to connect with God. We do this right where we are, experiencing the Retreat that comes to you. In this one-of-a-kind experience, you receive multiple Retreat elements for experiencing God including…

  • Personal stories from women around the world
  • Music for a powerful worship experience
  • A Retreat Guide for encountering God in Scripture
  • Guided spiritual formation practices
  • Resources to help your heart, mind and body experience renewal.
  • A special gift for you!

If you’ve been part of the Velvet Ashes Retreat in the past, here are a few new things for you to know:

  • We have a new recommendation for this year – the two night ideal! See below.
  • After the Retreat, you will have access to the Retreat site for 30 days (until May 22) to finish and use any part of the Retreat that you did not do during your Retreat. We provide you with more than enough resources for your Retreat time. This 30 day access will allow you to enjoy them all.
  • If you would like access to the Retreat site after the 30 days, our lifetime Retreat access is available for $25.

We’re so thrilled for the 2018 Velvet Ashes Retreat!  Join us. God has something special in store for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply find a place where you want to experience the Retreat. You can do it as a personal retreat on your own or with a group. You’ll just need your computer (or mobile device) and a few simple supplies (we’ll email you the list). We’ll provide the rest!

We’ll open the Retreat site on April 13 so that you’ll have time to print off your Retreat Guide and download videos (or audio files!) if your internet isn’t fast enough to stream the videos. Then choose any time April 19-22 to experience the Retreat along with our global community. By registering for the Retreat, you’ll be able to login at any time during those days. Retreat access will remain open until May 22, so you can use or finish any resources that you didn’t have time to do during your retreat.

Glad you asked! Gather a group of women in your area and experience the Retreat together. Sign up to be a Retreat host. The Host Guide will have it all planned for you, so you don’t have to stress. As a Retreat Host, you’ll get to join a private Retreat Host Facebook group where we’ll share ideas, answer questions and pray for each other. The Host Guide will help you plan a Retreat that is just right for you and your group, and it will show you how to have a Retreat that provides both solitude and community.

Check out our Community Map to find women in your area. Reach out in the comments and see if anyone is planning a Retreat near you! Be sure to add yourself to the Map so others can find you.

All are welcome! While the Retreat is crafted especially for women who are serving overseas or who have returned from life overseas, so much of the Retreat content is universal to all women. All are invited to take a day to retreat and experience God’s presence.

We raise funds so that we can keep the cost of this retreat very minimal for you.

$15 Registration

We have a limited number of Retreat Scholarships available if the cost would prevent you from participating, you can request a scholarship here.

If you’d like to help make the Retreat possible for others, you can give a donation to the Retreat Scholarship Fund.

The Retreat is designed in a flexible way so that you can find an option that best works for you:

Two nights – It’s truly ideal to get away for two nights.This is a new recommendation for this year, because experience has taught us this is the what works best, especially for groups. We’ve found there is real value to arriving at your Retreat location in the late afternoon. Then you can begin the Retreat in the evening followed by a whole Retreat day the next day. Then you don’t have to worry about packing up and leaving until the following morning. There is something about having a full day with no travel (even short travel) involved that is especially renewing. It allows your brain to unplug from any details or to-do’s for a whole day. This two-night format is the best fit for the flow of the Retreat.

Find a hotel or guesthouse where you can retreat. We know that won’t be possible for everyone. But do try. Use the VA Retreat as an invitation to care for your soul in a way that you normally wouldn’t allow yourself. Because chances are, you need it.

Full day – If an overnight experience doesn’t work for you or your group, you can enjoy a morning to evening retreat. You won’t be able to fit in all of the Retreat elements, but, don’t worry, you’ll have 30 days to access the Retreat elements on your own after the Retreat.

Half day – A half-day will allow you to participate and take in the Retreat. And you will be blessed. So if a half-day is what you can manage, do it. Again, you won’t be able to fit everything in, but it will still be a special and renewing time.

But I have small children!

Then you are definitely in need of this Retreat. Can we gently nudge you to ask for help so you can have this time? Ask your husband to be on kid duty. Swap babysitting with another mom. Entrust a local friend. Maybe you stay close enough to nurse the baby who won’t take a bottle. Maybe you retreat to your bedroom and lock the door. Whatever it looks like, this can happen for you too. You just need to ask for help.

Retreat access will open on April 13, so you can have time to print the Retreat Guide and download any videos (Downloading is only necessary if you will not have fast internet at your Retreat location).

We’ve made the materials downloadable so that you don’t have to stream them. You can download everything before you head to your Retreat. If videos are too difficult for you to download, we have everything available in audio files. Because we love all you ladies in the bush of Africa!

Part of what makes the Velvet Ashes Retreat so special is that we’re doing it together all across the world. So if you can’t do it April 19-22, you’ll miss out on that dynamic. But we know not everyone will be able to participate then. So here is the plan:

Retreat access will open on April 13 and remain open until May 22. You can do your Retreat any time during this window. If you would like access to the Retreat after May 22, it will be available for lifetime access for $25.

If downloading is difficult/expensive in your area, you are welcome to have one person download and share the materials with others via flash drives or other means. However, each person still needs to register and pay for the Retreat. We want to be able to continue offering this retreat for you and payment for the Retreat makes this possible. When each person registers they receive the preparation and follow up emails as well as access to the community interaction that happens on the Retreat site.

To register a group:

  1. First, add the “Sustain Retreat” to your cart in checkout to register yourself.
  2. Then click “add a gift card.”
  3. Enter the total amount for your group participants ($10/person before March 7, $15/person after March 7, U.S. time).
  4. Click “Add recipient” to enter each person’s name and email address.

The gift card will be emailed to each person, and they can then use that gift card code to register themselves. They will need to respond to the gift card email and register themselves if they want to personally access the Retreat site. If someone in your group only wants to view the videos that you as the host provide and use the Retreat Guide that you provide, and NOT access the Retreat site themselves, then they do not have to register themselves. But you do still need to include gift card payment along with that person’s name and email. If they do not respond to the gift card email and register themselves, they will not have personal access to the Retreat site.

*Please note that if you are taking advantage of early bird registration and paying the $10/person rate, then each person receiving the gift card will need to respond to the gift card email and register before March 7th in order to have the $10 rate. If you purchase the $10 gift card for each person, and they register after March 7th, the system will require additional payment.

Nope, definitely not! This Retreat is for everyone, whether you are in a season of thriving or struggling. It’s a special time for you to dig into God’s Word and encounter his presence, something you need in any season of life. The Retreat provides tools and ideas to help you continue to grow spiritually and emotionally.

You can always contact us here.

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Question for you!

How can our Prayer Team be praying for you?

What’s going on in your life right now? We want to lift you in prayer both as you prepare for the Retreat and during your Retreat. Please let us know how we can pray for you. Check out our Prayer Wall where you can post a prayer request or submit a request by email. Let us cover you in prayer!